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Sussex FSA Membership

FREE for 2021

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Why a membership?

We want to be able to grow as a locality group of the National Forest School Association (FSA).

Before 2020 and the COVID pandemic, we were regularly getting 90+ people attending our Networking Events. When COVID hit, we had to think outside the box to stay connected with our Forest School community. We want to build on that connection by creating a membership to Sussex FSA, thus enabling members to play a part in shaping how we develop in the future. 

A Gift to Our Members

In 2021 our membership is FREE. We recognise that the past year has been financially trying for many Forest School people and we want to support our local Forest School community the best we can.

In the future we may introduce a membership fee, but there will be benefits including priority / discounted bookings, access to information and resources in the membership area of the Sussex FSA website and as we grow, so too will our membership area.

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How to Join Sussex FSA

Currently Sussex FSA membership is for qualified or trainee Forest School leaders, volunteers and adults who are interested in Forest School.

Joining Sussex FSA is as simple as filling in our Sign Up Form. Thereafter you will be able to access your profile and membership area via the Sign Up/Login Bar on the top righthand corner of our website. By signing up today, you are not committing yourself to future membership payments.